Blessings Underneath It All
  Where the Heart Shines On Sunrise Man
  The Sweet Joy of Meeting Again Will You Wait Forever
  So WIll I Australian Arti
  Bujaawe Naar Arti Those Days In Kasba Peth
  On Fire/ Many Are the Waters/ Flying Away Come and Give Me Love
  Because I Love You-Orch Sketch1 On Meherabad Hill
  Imperfections I SIng of Meher
  Blue Horizon First and Foremost
  Jai, Jai Lord Meher Oh Meher, Won't You Carry Me Home
  In Your Loving Ocean of Love
  Open Up Your Heart Going Home
  I'll Try Your Tapestry
  Butterfly Then Came You
  Your Will, My Happiness Friends
  To See the Light Inspiration's Garden
  Loving Eyes The Calling
  For Free Again, In Love
  All In Time Earth, Water and Love
  Meher's True Love Ancient One Jazz Waltz
  Keeper Of The Lost Chord Autumn Time