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Earth, Water and Love
1) It's a blind parade, or a serenade
regardless of your point of view, you will find your way
for everyone is called to dine when all debts are paid

2) Listening more and more, speaking less and less
for words are only, so many times, jaded cleverness
but when the mind forgets itself, all we touch is blessed

When se finally understand we are more than earth and water
according to a master plan
Earth and water - more than earth and water -
we're earth and water and love.

3) On that vast blue sea, moving foolishly
we hoist the sails, we swab the decks, oh, so carefully
but, without a captain to chart our course, we move endlessly

2nd Chorus
It would help us if we knew, we are more than earth and water
to awaken to the news
Earth and water, but by His order
Earth and water yields Love

Middle 12
On and on, follow that heartbeat that leads through the sun and snow
When you're done cry like a baby, cause then you will finally know
It's so, It's so,
How His Grace will flow

3rd Chorus
Keep remembering one truth, though we're made of earth and water
But, arising from the two
Earth and water, the fruit of earth and water
From earth and water comes Love
From earth and water, the fruit, by Baba's order
From earth and water comes Love
Short Song Description:
We are more than earth and water, more than this earthly frame
Long Song Description:
Everyone gets to the Light, regardless of the path taken. We do so many things in our life that are meaningless without a master plan, from, whom else?, but the Master.
With only a touch from the Master, we, who are made of earth and water, gain Love
Story Behind the Song:
After a year that included much studying, testing, moving to another state, buying a house, starting a new job and the deaths of my mother and father, My family and I went for much needed spiritual R&R at the Meher Spiritual Center in South Carolina. I ha
Lyric Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Music Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Producer Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Publisher Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Performance Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Label Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Song Length: 4:32
Primary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Folk-Religious
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Spirituality
Subject Matter 2: Hope
Mood 1: Content
Mood 2: Blissful
Similar Artist 1: Moody Blues, The
Similar Artist 2: Peter, Paul & Mary
Language: English
Era: 1960 - 1969