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1) I'm not really one, but two
and in your eyes
I really haven't got a clue
of Paradise
But all through my nights and my days I am yours
The rights that were wrong were just doors

2) I should be searching every day, but when I look,
I'm turned around the other way - but I'll be freed
'cause each day you help me awake from my sleep
and pick me up each time I fall
But, my imperfections, so precious to me,
still keep me from hearing your call

Middle 8)
The child so deep inside is so afraid of never getting what it needs
So, we pretend away our very lives
We do not know you hold the key

3) As I look around, I sigh
at what I see
So much seems to be a lie that comes from me
And even these words are imperfectly hewn to perfectly cover the lies
But, my imperfections will lead me to you
'cause you alone know why I cry
Short Song Description:
Imperfections lead us to God.
Long Song Description:
We keep on getting distracted on our way to the goal, but like being lost in a large dark theater with only one open door, our bumping around
eventually will turns us towards the light.
Story Behind the Song:
My imperfections are bearing fruit.
Lyric Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Music Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Producer Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Performance Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Label Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Song Length: 5:27
Primary Genre: Rock-Religious
Secondary Genre: Pop-Religious
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Spirituality
Subject Matter 2: Hope
Language: English