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Your Tapestry
1) I was thinking 'bout the way you changed my life
'bout the way you made things right
'bout the way you gave me hearing

By the way you took me to your heart and then
gave me light that helped me mend
all the hurting oh so sweetly

Now I would not be surprise if you opened up my eyes
to the beauty deep within me

2) Always hoping that you'll be my sweet dream star
'cause though you're never really far
I am always feeling lonely

May the day arrive when I become aware
that your beauty is as fair
in the night as at day's dawning

Now I would not be surprised if you opened up my eyes
to the beauty deep within me

Meher Baba, it's the tapestry you weave
It's the story that you teach
by the thunder of your silence
Meher Baba, may the only Hope I pray (for)
be to love you and obey through the night
until the morning's light.
Short Song Description:
Finally realizing how much God does for us.
Long Song Description:
The tapestry of events which we go through in life is not apparent at first to an aspirant. Events do not seem connected, but when it finally sinks in that God really does love us and really has been watching over us, a deep thanfulness overtakes us. The
Story Behind the Song:
The lyrics were written after the melody. The title "Your Tapestry" is a new one. Originally, it was listed as "I would not be surprised". I never fully liked this title, hence the new name.
The lyrics came about practically complete; just about the way they are in this final version.
Lyric Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Music Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Producer Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo & Fabio Barbuy
Publisher Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Performance Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo & Fabio Barbuy
Label Credits: Raymond T. Spagnuolo
Song Length: 4:12
Primary Genre: Rock-Religious
Secondary Genre: Rock-Easy Listening
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Healing
Subject Matter 2: Hope
Mood 1: Content
Mood 2: Exultant
Similar Artist 1: Supertramp
Language: English
Era: 1970 - 1979