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Underneath It All
Have you heard the Word?
Have you felt it shine?
Beyond the mind

A fleeting whisper speaks
A presence soft and kind
Beyond the mind

Oh, Underneath It All
There, behind out walls
Somewhere behind
Waits the Divine
The Simple Heart of Love

Are we waiting for
a mantra to repeat?
As we roam creation's maze

By holding onto life
we cannot reach His feet
Once more we fail to see His ways

Oh, Underneath it All
There, behind our walls
Somewhere behind waits the Divine
The Simple Heart of Love
Short Song Description:
God is everywhere, full of caring and Love, unseen, underneath all things and happenings.
Long Song Description:
Only years after writing it, did I realize that the title and theme of this song, "Underneath It All", is alluding to exactly what Meher Baba did in 1952, hiding so close to the surface, that a shallow curve of road, of only about 5 seconds, hid Him from view. There is much more to this story. For those interested, please search the web; "Meher Baba; Prague, OK; accident", or similar
Story Behind the Song:
Written while visiting the site of Meher Baba's accident in Prague, OK. It was a hot late night, May, 24, 2012, the 20th anniversary of Baba's accident and I was staying in the Morrison House. I hadn't been able to make the gathering the weekend previous, so I was more or less alone in that house. The song was written quickly, easily and almost completed - then and there.
Lyric Credits: Raymond T Spagnuolo
Music Credits: Raymond T Spagnuolo
Producer Credits: Raymond T Spagnuolo
Publisher Credits: Raymond T Spagnuolo
Performance Credits: Raymond T Spagnuolo
Label Credits: Raymond T Spagnuolo
Song Length: 4:41
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Spirituality
Subject Matter 2: God
Mood 1: Content
Language: English
Era: 1970 - 1979